Air conditioning & refrigeration installations, repairs and servicing for vehicles, homes and offices
CITB certified in the safe handling of refrigerants
Vehicle repairs and servicing evenings, and 7 days a week
Electrical, cambelts, brakes, wheel bearings, MOT work, etc, Saturday and Sunday, breakdown and emergency assistance
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TM44 Inspection
PooleCool for vehicle / car air conditioning

  • Poolecool can now service systems using r744 (carbon dioxide)
  • Great price, including diagnostics and pressure test as appropriate. If your system can't be regassed you pay only for the diagnosis £20
  • r134a: £70 (most cars 1995 to 2017)
  • r413a: £100 (R12 compatible, some cars before 1995).
  • r1234yf: £130 (some cars after 2015)
  • r744: £150 (some cars after 2018)
  • same price for electric / hybrid
  • We can also upgrade R12 systems to R134a if preferred, please call for a price.
  • Best prices for all other jobs, changing condensers, compressors, etc.  
  • Work done by a highly experienced engineer with over 25 years air conditioning design and repair experience
  • A mobile service, we visit you, evenings and weekends included, totally hassle free
  • Equipped to locate and repair most common leaks, many during a single visit
  • Considerable experience fixing more unusual control system, electrical, and performance problems - we don't just connect the equipment, press the button, and hope for the best.
  • All vehicles serviced, including custom car, Smart car, watercraft / boats, aircraft, military, etc.
  • Radiators also supplied and fitted.
  • VW Transporter T5 gates coupling / freewheel change, alternator and compressor, £600 fully inclusive   


There isn't a better or faster way to get your AC system working properly

       Call Ian now on 07802 416525
 Available up to 9 pm including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. 


PooleCool for boat / rv refrigeration and air conditioning

PooleCool is now a distributor for Waeco / Dometic DC fridges and fridge components, and can install new or replacement parts to your boat, in or out of the water, (including pressure testing and regassing) in the Poole area.




Car air conditioning systems generally suffer from a small amount of loss of the coolant gas that is critical to their operation, over a number of years, due to the number of flexible hoses, joints, and components in the system.

Quite often gas loss can also be due to a component failure- common faults are small holes in the condenser in the front of the car, in the compressor seals, or in the high pressure pipes. PooleCool can repair / replace most components on most cars, or can work with you if you would like to change the part yourself.

PooleCool have been highly successful at diagnosing and fixing more unusual problems, such as electrical and control system problems. We also have a number of leak detection / location methods, including high-sensitivity gas detection, UV fluorescent dye, and pressure testing with ofn (oxygen-free nitrogen), and can locate and repair many types of pipe leaks during a single mobile visit.

We also carry antifungal / deodorising treatments which can freshen a system which has become musty / smelly due to condensation at the evaporator / ducting. 

A system which has no major faults but is not maintained is likely to lose efficiency, and could suffer damage if contaminated by moisture or air.

PooleCool offers a quick, hassle-free service, to leak test, repair and regas your car a/c , while you wait or at your address, in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset, for all r134a and older r12 ac systems.

PooleCool for home / office air conditioning


  • A full range of services offered - from help / advice with a simple DIY install to a full professional supply and install service.
  • A small range of units normally held in stock, installation sometimes possible within a day, including weekends
  • Great prices: a high quality Mitsubishi 2.5 KW wall mounted split system unit supplied and installed from as little as £1200 fully inclusive subject to survey
  • All systems also work as heat pumps providing very efficient heat when required (up to 3 times the efficiency of an electric heater)


Other PooleCool services: 

  • maintenance contracts / annual inspection / reporting
  • supply / rental of portable air conditioners.
  • repair / design / installation of other refrigeration systems, for example marine, scientific and industrial, temperature control, environmental control, or special purpose.
  • decommissioning / removal of refrigerant from any AC / refrigeration system or complete air conditioner removal, following the correct procedures to satisfy environmental regulations, with correct paperwork provided
  • repairs to freezer vans / fridge vans / refrigerated vans, freezer van, fridge van, cool van, caravan / motorhome ac, dehumidifier (Drieaz, Drizair, etc) specialist sytems, etc
  • servicing of systems with most common refrigerant types, including R22, R404 / R404A, R407 / R407C, R410 / R410A, R413A, MO49, M049, etc.
  • ground source heat pumps, swimming poole heat pumps,  etc.

 Call Ian now on 07802 416525  

Available up to 9 pm including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.








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All parts available for collection / delivery in the Poole area 7 days a week
More parts available, please call
Part NumberCarPart priceFitted price
Condenser AVA VO5149Volvo C30, V40£40£250
Condenser AVA VW5269Golf V, Octavia, Audi£100£300
Condenser AVA SZ5075Susuki Grand Vitara£40£250
Condenser AVA RTA5347Clio 2£40£200
Condenser AVA RTA5459Primastar / Traffic£40£200
Condenser OE 1618114Vectra B£40£200
Condenser AVA FD5328Fiesta 5 / Mazda 2£80£250
Condenser AVA MS5207Mecedes 200 / 220 etc£60£250
Condenser AVA FD5259Mondeo 97-99£40£150
Condenser AVA FDA5377Mondeo 3£40£250
Condenser AVA FD5334Mondeo 3£40£250
Condenser AVA FD5268Focus£100£250
Condenser AVA OLA5397Vectra£100£250
Condenser AVA OLA5250Astra£40£200
Condenser  Smart Car£80£300
Radiator  Ford Fiesta£50£150